2017 Workshops with Shoshanna

Shoshanna has been delighted to work with event producers across the US to present outstanding workshops. This is a starting point for workshop offerings – please contact Shoshanna if you are looking for something specific at your event.

Workshop Topics & Descriptions:

If you can conquer the four yard veil, you can dance with any veil with ease and grace! Learn techniques crucial to working with longer veils but which are also applicable to shorter or half circle veils. Special attention will be given to transitions, body positioning, and a combination designed to entreat you to love the dazzling and dramatic magic of the four yard veil! Veils available to borrow.

Learn three great combinations (and the tricky steps they are made of) in a class that will challenge those who are experienced but not leave newer dancers in the dust. Combinations will highlight Shoshanna’s signature dramatic style and offer ways to heighten the drama in your performances. Notes provided.

Assuming a basic level of comfort with long veils, a choreography will be woven with complex transitions and technique that will explore the Elements of Dance, used to heighten drama and theatricality in your dancing. Levels, pathways, speed….. expand your dancer’s toolbox and stretch your artistic vision in dance.

Explore three dance combinations and manipulate them with different pieces of music, play with timing, and set them in several time signatures. We’ll explore 10/4, 6/8 and 7/8 and experiment with the fun possibilities that arise from deconstructing the combinations and reassembling them in new ways. This workshop will give you new tools to work with in choreography and new ways to explore music in improvisational dance.